Thursday, 31 July 2008

Private Eye letter

Letter in response to a 'photo-bubble' in Private Eye titled 'Top Judge backs Sharia law', showing Lord Phillips in wig and gown with a speech-bubble saying 'I'm a bit of a Burqa'. The item was the featured photo-bubble for issue 1214 on the Eye website, but has since been replaced by this one: which I like to think might be a result of my rebuke. Letters, Private Eye 1215, 15 July 2008, p13: Wig and Frown Sir, Apparently Lord Phillips is a 'burqa' (geddit?) (page 3, Eye 1214) for stating that private civil disputes may be submitted to a mutually agreed arbitration procedure which could be based on Sharia while obviously still subject to English or Scottish law. It is hard to see why, and given freedom of contract how, the state should intervene to prevent such a practice. The offending photo-bubble is therefore pure 'homburg', and the dismal pun entirely 'surplice' to requirements. Will you now say 'sari' for this ill-considered outburst of tabloid-style muslim-bashing? TIM WILKINSON. Via email.


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