Thursday, 31 July 2008

Daniel Pipes - a (tentative) retraction

Well, I don't know if someone has being doing a Google blog search and drawn Pipes's attention to the previous post, or if he was just taking his time in responding, but either way he has now (some time in the last two or three days) posted my comment on his blog. I try to judge people on their actions, not on failed, abandoned or repented attempts; who will presume to look into men's hearts and condemn them for what they might have done had they been unconcerned with public opinion? Not me mate. So at the risk of sounding a bit self-important (as if anyone is reading and gives a monkey's) I therefore withdraw the accusation of cowardice. Here is Pipes's rather feeble attempt to answer my criticism (from

Daniel Pipes replies:

I stand by my analysis of Sadowski. I bolded his words as well as mine because it they contribute integrally to distorting my meaning.

As for "never" and "always" - I do make a point to avoid such formulations, but when it comes to the notion of over a billion Muslims unifying into a single polity, I feel on safe ground saying this will never happen. Who will gainsay centuries of history and contradict me on this one?


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